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A couple hugging near a home sold sign

Buying A Home

Start by defining your goals. Consider where you want to live, the features you’re looking for, what you can afford, and a realistic date for having the money you’ll need. Then apply your knowledge to making this key decision. The Cost of Buying The actual amount you’ll spend to buy a home depends on the […]

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A couple meeting with a lender

Working with a Mortgage Lender

Applying for a mortgage is a big endeavor. Most lenders require you to complete a mortgage application—a comprehensive financial statement. The information you provide on your application determines whether you qualify for a loan and how much you can borrow. The key numbers are your regular income, your debts., and the house price. The application […]

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A house with a front porch in the summer

The Cost of a Mortgage

A mortgage is likely going to be one of the largest loans you’ll take out in your life. It’s essential to understand all that goes into the cost and your responsibility in paying it back. Since monthly payments spread the cost of a mortgage loan over an extended period, it’s easy to forget the total […]

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A family outside their home with a for sale sign.

Selling Your House

Whether you need some more space, are ready to downsize into something a bit more manageable, or are relocating to a new place, you should prepare for the emotional and financial impacts of selling your home. The Costs of Selling In most cases, there are substantial costs in selling real estate that reduce the amount […]

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A couple holding out hands receiving a set of keys

To Buy or Not to Buy?

They say there’s no place like home, but does that mean you have to purchase one to get the benefits? Just like everything else, buying a home has its pros and cons. Pros of Buying a Home Fulfilling a Dream There’s a reason buying a home is considered a major part of the American Dream. […]

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