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About the Board

As a member-owned cooperative, our board of directors is elected by our members. Board members are vital to the credit union as they represent the interests of the members of the credit union. They are a highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals. They volunteer their time and expertise to monitor DFCU’s overall direction and results.

Why have a board of directors along with executives?

Board members work with the CEO to plan for the future, working together like a check and balance system. Above all, this assures that the credit union moves in the right direction. Their goal is to ensure the products and services we provide are beneficial. Specifically, they aim to benefit both members and the credit union. They are here to help make sure your voice is heard!

Meet Your Representatives

photo of Kathleen Fueston

Kathleen C. Fueston


photo of Kai Hintze

Kai Hintze


photo of Vance Huntley

Vance Huntley


photo of Doug Martin

Doug Martin

photo of Beth Brewer

Beth Brewer

photo of Spencer Walker

Spencer Walker

photo of Peter Wirthlin

Peter Wirthlin

photo of Julie Park

Julie Park

headshot of John Tedrow

John Tedrow

We realize there may be some of you who would like to help DFCU continue moving forward and continue growing. If you’d like to volunteer your time and help the members continue to have a voice on the Board of Directors or another committee please complete the form below by clicking on the “I want to volunteer” button below.

Supervisory Committee

What we do:

The Supervisory Committee’s primary objective is to examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls within the credit union. The committee also determines compliance with existing policies, plans, procedures, laws, and regulations, which could have a significant impact on credit union operations and reports. As a committee they must understand the myriad risks facing the credit union and ensure proper controls are in place. The committee is assisted in their duties by an independent Internal Audit Manager who reports directly to them.

Who we are:

headshot of Mike Gygi

Mike Gygi

headshot of Mark Andromidas

Mark Andromidas

headshot of Kirk Barlow

Kirk Barlow

headshot of Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory

headshot of Michael Jensen

Michael Jensen

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