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Mobile Wallet

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What is mobile wallet?

Finally you can stop rummaging through your wallet or purse to find the right card. Instead, pull out your phone and go! These contactless payment systems can get you through checkout twice as fast. You also may have heard them called tap to pay or NFC. Click on the logo icons to learn more about Apple, Google, and/or Samsung Pay.

How does mobile wallet work?

You can pay at millions of locations and online stores through a secure app. Whether you use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay— Deseret First is compatible! Each of these mobile apps conveniently stores your credit and debit card information. Then when you’re ready to pay, hold your phone over the terminal that has a tap-to-pay symbol (pictured below). Once you get the confirmation, you’re good to go!
Universal Contactless Card Symbol
Official Google Pay mark
Samsung Pay logo
Apply Pay logo
person scanning their phone next to a tap-to-pay terminal

Benefits of Using Mobile Wallet

You don’t have to carry a purse or wallet! You most likely already carry your phone with you everywhere already.
Mobile Card Swipers
Your actual credit or debit card number is not sent with your payment. So the cashier and others around won’t know your card number or name.
Data encryption and phone security keep your money safer than carrying cash or cards.
Millions of stores updated their payment methods so you can pay with digital wallet apps.
Save Time
Save time with online or in-app purchases! Quit typing your card information for every transaction. On mobile wallet friendly sites, you get the easy route.
Apple Watch
We even support Apple Pay on the Apple Watch!
group of business professionals checking their phones and smiling together

How to start using your mobile wallet

Each vendor varies in how to set up your app. But each of them are painless to get started! First you’ll download the app respective to the type of phone you have. Next, just follow the in-app instructions. You’ll be on your way to more secure and convenient transactions in no time.

Why limit yourself to our timeframe?

Manage your money whenever or wherever you need it. Download the free mobile banking app today:

Apple devices— download on the App StoreAndroid devices— Get it on Google Play