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First-Time Buyer Benefits

We get it — coming up with a 10-20% down payment may not be an option. But with the rising costs of rent, purchasing a home could save you money. We make the process less intimidating for first-time buyers by building confidence. Both in yourself and in us as your trustworthy partner! Deseret First can help make your homeownership dream a reality.
  • 100% Products Available
  • Designed for applicants with limited down payment or credit history
  • Additionally, using a co-signer may strengthen your application
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Free Consultations

Free Consultations

We’ll work one-on-one to get your quick pre-approval.
Low Fees Mortgages

Low Fees

Including competitive rates & low mortgage insurance.
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Available in all 50 states.

We want to do all we can to make your home investment less daunting. If you’re ready to learn how to get started, click below to view an article about what to add to your mortgage checklist.
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Grant Backing

Did you know grant money may be available to you?

You don’t even have to be a first-time buyer! Let an expert mortgage officer help you navigate what it takes to get funding. We start estimates based on your income and other qualifications. Once approved, you can use your no-cost funds for closing costs or your down payment. Thus giving you that extra leg up on the start towards your new home.
  • You could receive up to $5,000
  • Purchase price limitations apply
  • Income limits are based on median HUD data in your area
  • Additional factors affect eligibility, including how many people will live in the home
  • Grant money is available for members throughout the U.S.
  • These funds are limited per year, so act quickly!

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