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TruStage Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Life Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Coverage

We care about our members! Because of this, we partnered with TruStage to provide a safety net for your family. No one anticipates themselves getting in an accident, yet it happens every day. So find peace of mind by enrolling in complementary coverage through TruStage. This exclusive support is fully paid for by Deseret First Credit Union*. Thus enabling you to avoid long lasting financial burdens. Claim your free benefit today!
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AD&D Insurance. Claim your no-cost AD&D coverage now. Tru-Stage Insurance Company.

Why do I need AD&D?

  • AD&D insurance is a great supplement to life insurance
  • $2,000 in free coverage, more options available
  • Acceptance guaranteed
  • Receive a cash benefit for loss of life, limb, eye, speech or hearing as a result of an accident

What’s the process like?

  • Activating coverage is quick— most members take 3 minutes
  • No health questions or medical exam required
  • No employment necessary
  • Only offered to credit union members
  • Credit Union members age 18 and over are eligible
  • Remains in effect as long as coverage is not terminated by you and you remain a member of DFCU
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Added Coverage

Your no-cost AD&D coverage of $2,000 may not be enough in the event of a covered accident. Eligible members can choose from $10,000–$500,000 in additional accident protection. Thus giving you more insurance options at affordable rates!

Contributory Coverage benefits:

  • Starts as low as $1-$1.50 per month
  • Choose from single or family plans
  • Coverage increases every year with Cost of Living Benefit up to a maximum of 10 consecutive increases
  • Optional coverage for cancer or for cancer, heart attack, and stroke, this will be paid in a lump sum after diagnosis
  • Hospital Confinement Benefit which could pay expenses related to a hospital stay
  • Double Accidental Death Benefit includes double coverage if death occurs from an accident while traveling on public transportation
  • Seat Belt and Airbag Benefit increases the amount paid if injured while driving or riding in a private passenger vehicle and wearing a properly fastened seat belt or sitting in a seat protected by an airbag
  • Family plan includes you, your spouse, dependent children or children with disabilities
    • Benefits available for child care, college education, child savings fund, and grief counseling
  • Remains in effect as long as you pay your premiums
  • No employment necessary
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What does AD&D cover?

AD&D should not be confused with life insurance. It is for accidental death only and does not cover death from natural causes. AD&D provides coverage for life, limb, sight, speech, hearing, or thumb and index finger loss of the same hand. It does not cover death due to illness such as heart disease or cancer unless the cancer or cancer, heart attack, and stroke coverage is selected when purchasing additional coverage.

Benefits & Features:

Age 18+ Not Turned Down

Ages 18+ cannot be turned down

No Medical or Health Questions

No medical exam or health questions

24-7 Protection

24/7 Protection

Coverageto 70+

Coverage continues past age 70**

Guaranteed, No-Cost AD&D Coverage. Claim it now. Tru-Stage Insurance Company.

*TruStage® AD&D Insurance is offered by TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC and underwritten by CMFG Life Insurance Company. ‭The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured or guaranteed by Deseret First or NCUA.‬‬‬ Base Policy Series E10a-014-2012, E10a-ADD-2012 and E10a-015-2012.‬ ADD-1607689.1 Limitations apply, see TruStage for details.

**Coverage limits are reduced. For more information, to file a claim, or to find out if a family member had coverage, visit You may also call 855-672-8068.

Life Insurance Options

If you value security and predictability, we can help give you lifelong peace of mind!

You’ve always done what’s right for your family. Taking steps to ease the burden of final expenses with life insurance is just one more way to show you care. After you’re gone, TruStage® Whole Life Insurance pays an income-tax free, cash benefit. Your family can use this for any reason including funeral expenses, mortgage payments or unpaid debts. Not to mention, it’s permanent coverage that never decreases. The price never goes up, as long as you’re approved and make your payments. If you have big responsibilities now and need high coverage at an affordable rate, TruStage Term Live coverage can be a great option for you. Certain limitations may apply with the following life insurance options. Visit TruStage Life for more information. Otherwise you can contact TruStage by calling
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TruStage Whole Life Insurance

  • Available for ages 18-85
  • Coverage amounts from $1,000 to $100,000
  • Permanent, lifelong protection and guaranteed pricing for as long as you make payments
  • No medical exam & only a few questions
  • Customize your coverage based on your budget
  • A good choice if you value certainty and want a plan for final expenses
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TruStage Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance

  • Available for ages 45-80
  • Coverage amounts from $2,000 to $25,000
  • Can’t be turned down due to health or any other reason
  • Permanent, lifelong protection as long as you continue making payments
  • No health questions or exams
  • Rates locked for life
  • Coverage never decreases
  • Customize your coverage based on your budget
  • A good choice if you value predictability and want a plan for final expenses
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TruStage Term Life Insurance

  • Affordable coverage for ages 18-80
  • Coverage amounts from $5,000 to $300,000
  • No medical exam & only a few questions
  • Immediate lump sum paid to beneficiaries, which is generally income-tax free
  • Coverage never decreases
  • A good choice if you appreciate value and have big obligations right now
TruStage Insurance Agency. No Pressure. Whole Life Insurance. Find out more.

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