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Woman walking down a road next to the GreenPath logo

GreenPath: A Road to Financial Wellness

What’s GreenPath? GreenPath is a non-profit organization that helps people manage difficult financial situations through counseling, education, and actionable solutions. For nearly 60 years, GreenPath has made increased financial wellness a reality for hundreds of thousands of people. GreenPath offers many services to help people find financial wellness. One of their most powerful services helps […]

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A glass cup full of coins with a plant sprouting out of it.

What is Interest?

Interest plays a role in almost all aspects of personal finance, including savings, investing, credit, and loans. Interest is money that’s added to your starting balance. It can be earned or paid and is typically expressed as a percentage. You earn interest by keeping money in a bank account, purchasing a bond, or making other […]

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man and woman looking at finance graphs on computer

What is Inflation?

Inflation measures how much prices rise over time. When prices rise, the value of a dollar falls and your purchasing power goes down. The price of goods and services—stuff you buy—isn’t constant; prices change over time. When prices go up, that’s inflation. During moments of inflation, it takes more money to buy products or services. […]

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A picture of a home.

How to Lower Your Gas Bill

A higher-than-expected natural gas bill is not the kind of surprise you enjoy getting in the mail. It’s not just you—natural gas prices are on the rise nationwide. Try these 10 changes to lower your bill. 1. Stay on top of maintenance. Perform regular maintenance on your natural gas furnace and water heater to avoid […]

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We’re A Top Rated Credit Union In Utah

Credit unions offer affordable rates, low fees, and generous perks. To help you decide what credit union you should join, here’s a glimpse into Deseret First Credit Union and the numerous membership benefits. About Deseret First Credit Union As one of the best-rated credit unions in Utah, Deseret First Credit Union has been serving the […]

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