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Finding Funds in an Emergency

If you find yourself facing an emergency that you’re financially under-prepared for, the prospect of what to do next may feel overwhelming. Don’t panic. There are things you can do to get through this crisis. Work With What You Have The first step is to restructure your current budget. While some expenses are difficult to […]

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When Times Get Tough

When emergencies and unexpected situations strike, it’s important to be prepared and make wise decisions. While tough times can vary, from a sudden job loss to a natural disaster, the steps that you can take to prepare yourself are often the same. There’s an old phrase that says “the best time to plant a tree […]

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Budgeting: A Practical Guide

A realistic, workable budget is one of the most crucial tools in your financial wellness arsenal. Starting Points Your budget is your blueprint for keeping cash flow positive and sticking to your saving goals. If you have a partner, it’s essential to have one overall household budget. That big picture is crucial for having a […]

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GreenPath: A Road to Financial Wellness

What’s GreenPath? GreenPath is a non-profit organization that helps people manage difficult financial situations through counseling, education, and actionable solutions. For nearly 60 years, GreenPath has made increased financial wellness a reality for hundreds of thousands of people. GreenPath offers many services to help people find financial wellness. One of their most powerful services helps […]

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