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a senior couple

Scams Targeting Seniors

Scammers target seniors more aggressively than any other group. Recognizing the most common scams helps prevent your money and personal information from getting stolen. Red Flags When you’re contacted by someone—even if it’s someone you think you can trust— it’s wise to check for some common red flags. Pressure to act quickly. Scammers know that […]

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Preventing Identity Theft

In today’s uber-connected online world, the risk of identity theft is hard to avoid. But there are ways to minimize identity theft risks and stay ahead of scammers and thieves who want your personal information. Know the Risks According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 30% of Americans were impacted by at least one of […]

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Recognizing and Avoiding Scams

Con artists cheat Americans out of billions of dollars every year. Recognizing red flags for potential scams can help protect you, your loved ones, and your hard-earned cash. Phishing Phishing is when scammers pretend to be someone that they aren’t to gather sensitive information or access to a person’s funds through a credit card or […]

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