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a couple getting help creating a tax plan

Tax Planning

You can legitimately reduce the tax you owe by planning ahead. Retirement Account Contributions By keeping an eye on the tax consequences for your every day financial decisions, you can lower your tax bill. For example, lower taxable income means you pay lower income taxes. You can lower your taxable income by contributing to a […]

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a woman filing her tax return

Completing an Income Tax Return

Filing a tax return is a matter of following the line-by-line instructions that come with your tax form. Each form has its own set of instructions and includes a number of charts and worksheets to help you figure out if you’re eligible for credits, deductions, and exemptions. But before you begin to deal with a […]

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federal income tax documents

Federal Income Taxes

Federal Income Taxes are a percentage of an individual’s or business’s income paid to the government and used to fund public goods and services. If you understand how these taxes work and their purpose, you can better appreciate the benefits and better account for the loss. Taxable Income Federal income taxes are charged only on […]

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a calculator, pen, tax forms, and several twenty dollar bills

Paying Taxes

Many major life changes, such as buying a new home, changing jobs, getting promoted, starting a business, having a child, and more, will have tax implications. But that doesn’t always mean you’ll owe more to the federal government. If you plan ahead, you can make decisions that will reduce or at least postpone the tax […]

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A little girl pulling money from a jar.

Tax Brackets and Statuses

How much you owe in federal income taxes is determined by many factors, but your tax bracket and status will likely have the biggest impact. Tax Brackets You pay federal income tax at one or more tax rates, or percentages, based on the tax bracket(s) you fall into. A tax bracket is a range of […]

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