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  • Higher interest rates = Larger savings
  • Low-risk investment
  • Funds are accessible
Unlock the full potential of your savings with our extraordinary Money Market accounts, boasting an impressive rate up to 4.25%! Experience the financial advantage of a secure and highly rewarding investment option, designed to help your money grow with ease. With our competitive rates, you can watch your savings multiply faster than ever before. A Money Market account offers you the perfect balance between accessibility and higher interest rates, ensuring your funds work harder for you. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to maximize your savings potential and achieve your financial goals. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – open a Money Market account today and start reaping the benefits of our remarkable 4.25% rate!
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*Rate stated as Annual Percentage Yield. Membership and eligibility required. Terms and conditions apply. O.A.C.

Truly Usable Funds

Higher yields and you can still access your money? That’s right! Funds can be deposited or withdrawn at any time with a Money Market account, so you can have the flexibility to do more with your money. If your regular savings account is starting to feel stagnant, a Money Market may be the next step you need to have your money work for you.

  • Higher balance = Higher rates
  • Unlimited deposits
  • No term restrictions
  • No minimum balance
Start saving with agility
Money Market Rates
Savings BalanceRateAPYLoyalty RateLoyalty APY

Rates quoted as Annual Percentage Yield. Fees could reduce earnings. Federally insured by NCUA up to $250,000. Additional products and rates, including Jumbo Money Market Accounts, are listed here.

Proudly Serving Members and Employees of The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

In the 1950s, the First Presidency of the Church realized that employees of the church offices needed access to financial services; they decided to help provide these much-needed services. On August 4th, 1955, the LDS Church Office Credit Union was founded. Gordon B. Hinckley was one of the first board members.

The first branch was established in 1974, and the membership was expanded to include any employee of The Church. After steady growth in the 80s, the credit union changed its name to Deseret First Credit Union. It expanded its membership to include all members and family members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We now have over 70,000 members across the nation and have been able to put our members first with our unique products and services.

Want to know more about how Deseret First could be the right fit for you and your financial needs? Want to learn more aobut how we serve our members across the nation or how we understand and respect your values and can help you align your financial needs with your values? Learn more by clicking the button below.

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Account Requirements

Apply online today! For questions or to apply directly with a representative, call 801-456-7000 or 800-326-3328. Available weekdays: 8am–7pm, Sat: 9am–2pm. Additionally, you may visit any Deseret First Branch.
We work with our members toward realizing financial and spiritual potential. Pretty unique for a financial institution, right? We think so, too!
We embrace the values of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but we also celebrate diversity of experiences and perspectives. Our shared “why” of faith creates a supportive relationship that allows you to be you, all while helping you achieve financial success.

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