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Balance Transfer

Manage your debt and save with a
balance transfer to a low-rate credit card

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It’s Time to Pay Down Your Debt

Transfer your credit card balance and start saving!

Whether you’re feeling the burden of holiday spending or simply trying to save money each month, let us help! Did you know you can easily transfer the balance from your high-interest credit cards (AMEX, Discover, etc.) to a new DFCU Visa Platinum card — for FREE

Why make the move?

  • No balance transfer fee
  • No balance transfer limit upon approval
  • No annual fees
  • Work with a lender you know and trust

What’s the process to transfer my balance?

Are you interested in transferring your balance(s) over to Deseret First Credit Union, but don’t know where to begin? We can help you with that! We try to make the process as seamless as possible, and help you save time and money.

Step 1: Get together all of the information about your balances that you want to transfer, such as the name of the financial institution, balances, and account numbers.


Step 2: Visit your local branch, or call the contact center at 1-800-326-3328 to complete a transfer agreement.


Step 3: We’ll take care of getting all your balances together in one place. Then you’re set with a lower payment every month therefore saving you money!

Learn about our Visa Platinum Cards

We currently offer 2 options, VISA Platinum and VISA Platinum Rewards. Both options are perfect for making everyday purchases! Utilize our fixed-rate cards and experience the DFCU difference. Transfer your balance from a high interest credit card to a DFCU card for lower monthly payments.
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Credit Card Interest Rates
Card TypeFixed APR
Visa PlatinumAs low as 8.9%
Visa Platinum RewardsAs low as 10.9%
Visa SignatureAs low as 17.9%
The annual percentage rates (APRs) listed here represent our best available rates. Your individual rate may be higher depending upon your creditworthiness. Membership and eligibility required. Offer subject to change. Additional products and rates are listed here.
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VISA Platinum

  • One of the lowest rates in the industry
  • Perfect choice for transferring your balance
  • Save money on interest
  • 24/7 card support and help
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VISA Platinum Rewards

The DFCU rewards card is everything from the Platinum Card and then some! In fact, we recently revamped our rewards program to be even better. Including:
  • $1 spent = 1 point
  • 24/7 card support and help
  • Hundreds of rewards options available
  • You can even donate your points to the Deseret First Charitable Foundation
  • Bonus points at select local and national merchants through ShopSPOT

Both card options include these benefits:

Hand Holding Money

No annual fees

No Balance Transfer fee

No balance transfer fee

Fraud Protection

Free 24-hour fraud protection

Access to 25 Million Merchants

Access to 25 million merchants worldwide

Courtesy Auto Rental Insurance

Courtesy auto rental insurance*

30 Day Grace Period

30-day grace period**

*For complete details on the auto rental insurance policy, contact VISA at 800-847-2911. **30-day grace period applies only to purchases. No grace period applies to cash advances.

Card Requirements

To receive a credit card with DFCU, you must:

Cards include a 1% foreign transaction fee. Cash advance fee 1.5% of transaction may apply. View the full VISA Credit Card Agreements for Platinum and Platinum Rewards. Apply online today! For questions or to apply directly with a representative, call 801-456-7590 or 800-326-3328. Available weekdays: 8am–7pm, Sat: 9am–2pm. Additionally, you may visit any Deseret First Branch.
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Transfer your balance and start saving today!

Start saving for the vacation you deserve.

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